Monita Patel & Associates pursues a very practical approach & incorporates the latest technology & global trends.

Conceptualization & Design
* Development of comprehensive briefs.
* Feasability studies.
* Computer aided design
* 3D rendering.
* Lighting & fixture design
* Space planning
* Selection – furniture & finishes.
Build & Deliver
* Pre-construction (fitout)
* Cost modelling & estimation
* Scheduling
* Procurement
* Design review
* Site logistics planning
* Construction (fitout)
* Overall Project Management

Monita Patel & Associates prime asset is its aptitude in facilitating ‘Turnkey’ Interior Design Solutions. Using modern principles of decoration as a starting point, we craft results that are intensely distinguished. Backed by our disciplined working code – through which we oversee every detail of design creation & implementation thereof to ensure that our ideas come to fruition & that client expectations are fulfilled & exceeded.